5 Dependably Good Conversation Starters to Help You Break the Ice

5 Good Conversation Starters


1. Talk About a Shared Bad SituationGood Conversation Starters

It might be a really long line at the local grocery store. It could be the fact that the sun is shining and you’re both stuck at work. Or maybe it’s something as simple as a really uncomfortable chair in a waiting room — you get the idea.

What makes these situations good conversation starters is the idea of a shared experience. Without much effort on your part, you’ve formed an alliance with this intriguing woman. Just one of life’s many small annoyances can turn into “you and me against the world” in a matter of minutes.

2. Tell Her You’ve Been Wanting to Meet Her for a While

There’s nothing like a little honesty to get someone’s attention. So take a deep breath, show a little swag, and tell her you’d like to get to know her. These are especially good conversation starters for women you see often — at work, at the gym, at the club.

3. Talk About Something She’s Wearing

Avoid being too suggestive with these good conversation starters. Instead, comment on her earrings — are they extra nice, or unusual in some way? Is she wearing really warm boots, or super cool glasses? Even wearing a happy expression or a big smile is definitely worth noticing and commenting on.

These are classic icebreakers. And they’re good conversation starters for a couple of reasons: First, they’re compliments. Everybody likes getting a sincere compliment. And second, she’ll know that you’ve noticed something special about her — something beyond the obvious.

4. Ask Her How Her Day is Going

There’s no reason on earth to treat an attractive woman any differently than you would anybody else you might meet on the street. So greet her with a simple “Hi! How’s it going?” and see what happens.

If she responds automatically, as in “I’m fine. How are you?” you’ve got the opportunity to tell her an interesting tidbit about your day. Make use of sincere follow-up questions — they’re what make these good conversation starters. With some luck you’ll be swapping stories about sports or evil bosses in no time.

5. Take a Survey

No, you don’t need to wear a lab coat or carry a clipboard. But this is a really great gambit if you’ve got the swag to pull it off!

Explain that you and your friends are taking an informal survey, and you’d like her opinion. Choose a topic that’s guaranteed to inspire a response, like “Who tends to lie more, men or women?” or “If my buddy was flirting with another girl an hour after his breakup, does that make him a jerk?” Be sure to ask follow-up questions and show genuine interest in what she says. At the very least, you’ll learn something.

Acknowledge Awkwardness

Feel free to acknowledge that the situation is just a touch awkward. Laugh about it, and get her to laugh too if you can. She’ll be pleased you thought she was worth some embarrassment. And if you play this one with a little bit of self-deprecation and a big grin, she’ll start up a conversation with you just to put you at ease.

Above all, don’t panic. It’s no harder to use these good conversation starters with an attractive woman than it is to do the same with the new guy at work. And frankly, that’s the attitude you need to cultivate when you’re meeting a lady for the first time.